Cheats Such as Hay Day Cheats Help Gaming Profits

If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ve downloaded and played freemium games. Freemium, eh? Freemium is a term coined to the business model of the free mobile games we play on our mobile device. Free and Premium, meaning free to download, upgrades cost money though. This business model has become an hot item as of late. Popular games Flappy Bird and Hay Day have been very successful with this business model. Hay Day, the highest grossing game, has done over $30 million in profit all of 2014. They look to seriously increase this number in 2015 as Hay Day has become much more popular. While they can almost certainly look forward to doing this, they won’t have the profits they really can and I’m gonna explain why.

Games like Hay Day made its money when people purchase in-game items. But savvy Hay Day players have created hay day cheats that can get you unlimited in-game resources. Hay Day cheats have become a major problem for Supercell, the creators of Hay Day. As more people look towards getting free coins and diamonds in Hay Day, Supercell is going to have to eventually find ways to squeeze out more money from its gamers. The fact that there are hay day cheats to get free resources in what’s suppose to be a free game is astounding. The game is advertised as a free game, it’s thought of to be a free game by consumers, and that’s false advertising.

Hay Day isn’t the only game doing this. They’re the most successful though. All of the free games in the app store and google play store are doing this. Tell the consumer the game is free, we download the game and start to play. But soon we see how “free” the game is. The game becomes much harder and less fun unless we cave in and purchase in game upgrades and resources. The most skilled players aren’t winning anymore. The creepy guy with the game addition who is spending the most is winning. And is a problem and is caused by the gaming company’s greed. But eventually cheats such as the Hay Day cheats are going to become patched and that’s when the gaming companies will realize their mistake.

When consumers no longer have cheats such as the Hay Day Cheats, they will stop playing the game. If being forced to pay to successfully play is what’s approaching, companies are going to see dwindling profits in their future.

Introducing the Latest Flappy Bird Cheats

We have all played Flappy Birds and we know how difficult the game can be. I’m sure each of us have a friend or two who’s bragging about their score who we really really want to beat, badly. The sad thing is, if you’re not as good as them, you can’t beat them :( . That’s why something called hacks and cheats were created. My high score without Flappy Bird Cheats i a 109. The picture of my score is below. But I have friends who’s high score is in the 200-300 range. Crazy! All day I have to hear them bragging about their amazing score. I hate it, but until I can show them a score that is higher then than theirs, I have to live with it. Keep reading to find out about the latest Flappy bird cheats and Flappy bird hack.

 Flappy Bird Cheats to get a Great Score

If you can’t get a great score on your own, or just want to beat your friend’s score quickly, Flappy Bird cheats will help you. There are a couple of flappy bird cheats you can use.

  1. The invisibility flappy bird hack. This flappy bird hack is a good hack that can give you a quick boost. The way this hack works is you select how long you want the top green pole to be invisible. While the pole is invisible, you can hit it and it won’t kill you. You can have it invisible from 15 seconds all the way to 1 minute!
  2. The multiple life flappy bird hack. This flappy bird hack is amazing. Usually, you’ll get just 1 life each flappy bird game, but with this hack, you can get up to 10 lives each game. This is a great hack as you can really get an amazing score using this hack. I like this hack more than the first one because it allows me to get a great score while I can still play the game like it was meant to be played (with more lives of course).

Pros and Cons of these Flappy Bird Hack (s)

  • You’ll definitely get a much higher score using these hacks than without using them
  • They’re both 100% free
  • Easy to setup and easy to use
  • Works perfectly for iPad, iPhone, iPod and all Android devices


  • These hacks can kinda take the fun out of the game and you may not feel like you earned your score. (Who cares you still get the bragging rights :) )

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